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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Learn How To Makeup Your Eyes


Learn How To  Makeup Your Eyes 

There is much truth in the popular expression " the eyes are the windows of the soul " , for this and other reasons, the eye makeup tips is very important and requires special attention. With the combination of shades you use in makeup , you can make some captivating eyes.

Major utilities are the shadow hides the imperfections of your eyes, lighting highlight your look, change , by a play of colors , the shape of your eyes, and moisturise the eyelids , smoothing the appearance of wrinkles around the eye .

Apply the shadow according to the shape of your eyes

Small . Apply medium brown shadow on the outer corner of the eye, such as drawing a triangle. Use soft colors and avoid very deep dark tones.

Round . Apply lighter shade on the inside, slightly diminuendo eyelid . With the dark shadow over the eyelid is outlined . A light touch over the iris favours him a lot.

Fallen. Makeover with a soft color shade from lash to crease. Apply medium shadow color on the crease of the eyelid, outline with a dark shadow , a thin line over the eyelashes and apply a lighter shade on the bottom of the brow to brighten eyes .

Sunk . Apply a light shade across the eyelid, from lash to brow . Mapping out a thin line along the upper lashes with a dark shadow.

Together. Apply the lighter shade across the mobile part of the upper eyelid and insists on clarity in the area of ​​the tear .

Separated. Apply the darker shade in the inner corner of the eye ( tear duct area ) , feathering inward. Extender clear shadow from the center of the eyelid outwards.

If you are already thinking about the outfit for New Year's Eve Party is important that you follow these makeup tips for the holidays , whether for new year , birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations , you take a good makeup is very important.

This holiday season , many recommend a golden makeup, as this color invites the celebration. Follow these tricks.

Golden look - The golden eye shadows are the perfect allies to make a good light in the eyes . A good trick to lighten the color of the eyes is to use an eye liner in gold color.

Contrast with silver - If what you like is a total look you can also beautify your lashes with a silver tone. The contrast looks great .

lip simple - For lips is better to use a light pink or gloss natural to avoid overloading the face.

clothing - In conclusion , the ideal is to use the magic of gold , sequins and more daring shine, to illuminate the eyes and smiles with glamour.


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